"Du panier au caddie®, deux siècles de consommation", permanent exhibition of the museum of retail and trade brands

The small stores, stalls and the publicity of the olden days have given us wonderful memories. Slogans, posters, billboards and multicolored objects made up the everyday surroundings of storeholders, who themeslves were often colorful: grocers, dairy workers, butchers, bakers and so on. Pierre Marzoratti, who founded in 1988 of the Musée de L'Epicerie (Grocery Museum) in Lignerolles, not far from Tourouvre, brought together a heritage collection of more than 30,000 items.


The Museum of Retail and Trade Brands, set up by the Communauté de Communes du Haut-Perche, the département of the Orne, the Basse-Normandie Region and the State, with the support of European funds, is the expression of this place of memory where everybody can discover the stores of yesterday - and become aware of the weight wielded by brands in commerce both then and now.

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Opening Times

Opening of Easter to All Saints

In 2013, from Saturday, March 30 to Sunday, November 04

From Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 12 am to 2pm – 6pm


Admission rates for individuals


Full rate 5 €

Reduce rate 3 €


Museum of the French Emigration

Full rate 3 €

Reduce rate 2 €


Museum of Retail

Full rate 3 €

Reduce rate 2 €


Free for accompanied children under 10


How to get to Tourouvre

By train:

Closest railway station:


L'Aigle (1.15h from Paris Montparnasse, railway line : Paris-Granville)

Web site:www.voyages-sncf.com


Coaches are available from L'Aigle to Tourouvre.

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By car:

* from Paris (2 hours): exit the Nationale 12, following directions to Tourouvre via the D916.

* from Alençon (40 min): follow the Nationale 12 in the direction of Mortagne au Perche, pass Mortagne au Perche staying on the Nationale and then exit, following directions to Tourouvre.

* from Caen (2h): follow the directions to Falaise, Argentan, Sées, Mortagne and then Tourouvre.


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